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Vancouver is the ultimate relationship litmus test – Part 1

I love Vancouver for how scenic it is, with its mountains and waters. I immediately felt at home when I was in Vancouver. Vancouver is also the city that has been the litmus test for more than one of my relationships.

Vancouver tested my relationship of 4 years

I believe that you don’t truly know someone until you’ve shared living space with them, and until you’ve travelled with them. Travelling with someone brings out who the person truly is, what they stand for, what they live for.

In 2012, I went to Vancouver with my boyfriend of four years. It was my first time on a plane (yes really). I was floored by how gorgeous this city is. We had roughly four days, and I was ready to do everything and see everything!

While in Vancouver, I fantasized about getting married with the mountains in the background. We did this popular mountain climb, called the Grouse Grind. We climbed up this mountain and then took the gondola down.

Picture of me doing the Grouse Grind

So while I was fantasizing about mountains and romance, let me tell you what my boyfriend was doing on this trip. He was fantasizing about buying the newest Apple product of 2012, the iPad! This guy spent the equivalent of one full day at Best Buy contemplating the purchase of an iPad. Why were we spending time in an unexplored city to buy an iPad when we could do this at home? I was irritated by this.

Photo of me with the iPad, I was so annoyed

What travelling with him made me realize

This being one of my first trips, I was super excited and planned lots of activities. He just wanted to hang out at Best Buy. I dragged his ass around town and made him go see the bird sanctuary, the aquarium and bike around Stanley Park with me. I also made him try different foods. If it were up to him, we would have eaten Chinese food and Japadogs the whole time.

On our way back, I fucked up and accidentally made us miss our flight back home. Long story short, I misread the 24-hour clock. I paid the extra fare to get home and he was pissed about missing the flight. We got home and when our friends asked us how the trip went, he pretty much said it was an overpriced vacation.

Clearly, we felt very differently about this trip. I think I kind of dragged his ass into going somewhere with me. He saw this vacation as being just another day off work, but in another city. He wanted to relax, and do what he normally does. I wanted to take everything in and experience what the destination had to offer and so our attitudes clashed during this trip and there was undoubtedly a tension between us. I thought it was circumstantial, because of the missed flight etc, but no, right then and there I should have realized that he and I valued different things. He didn’t care to travel, and he considered it to be a waste of money. It took me getting fed up with his reluctance to travel and going to Greece by myself to finally realize that we were not compatible.

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