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That Time I got Shaded – Episode 1

So I was dating this guy, who I really liked for roughly two months and we were starting to spend weekends together consistently. This one weekend, I had a work party and he went to a housewarming party on the same night. After my party ended, I texted him to see if he was around so we can meet up. He said he was already home. This was odd to me for a number of reasons, but mainly that his housewarming party was only a few blocks away from my place and he lives a good half hour drive away. I had already invited him over too.

The next day, he didn’t text about what happened the day before, or about how we were getting to a mutual friend’s party together. I decided that I’ll give him some space. I showed up at the party alone, and as I entered the elevator I saw that he’s in the same packed elevator. I excitedly say hi to him, and he responds in a less enthusiastic tone. As we leave the elevator and enter the party condo, he introduces the girl that exited the elevator with us as his “friend”.

It’s possible this girl was just a friend I thought… until they sat beside each other on the couch taking selfies together. Then he stood beside her with his arm around her waist and then slowly slid it down further. And then she started getting bored and asked him to go leave the party to get chips with her. I was appalled! Not only was he giving me the cold shoulder, he just blatantly showed up with another girl at this party to flirt it up big time in front of me!

So a normal and sane person in my situation would probably leave right? In my head I wasn’t fully rational and felt that I would totally lose face if I just left. Everyone at the party knew we were dating, and now everyone knows that this guy just showed up with another girl! And if I left then it would look exactly like what it was, and that I’m the kind of person that this would happen to. Well, I wasn’t going to let that fly. I decided that I was going to go to the party, do my thing and act cool about it.

I walked out of the condo room into the hallway and called up everyone I knew who would be willing to just chat on the phone with me about anything and everything. In my head, I was hoping that it looked like I was making an ultra-important multi-million dollar deal. I did eventually march back into that party. Killed at a few rounds of flip cup while deciding when a good time to actually exit would be.

So, while I was figuring out when would be an acceptable time for me to leave, this plus one girl turns to the guy that I thought I was dating and says she’s tired and asked him to drive her home. I had a moment and immediately jumped in and asked him to drive me home too! I have no idea what I was thinking. I partly wanted to avoid it looking like he’s going home with this girl while I’m taking an Uber home by myself like an idiot. The other part of me probably just wanted to provoke the situation enough to get some kind of response or answer for what the fuck makes him think he can do this to me? The next thing I knew, I’m walking to the condo garage like a fucking third wheel as this girl is saying shit like, “You must be so thirsty, I have lots of water at my place,” to the guy I thought I was dating! We get to his car, and the girl asked who should sit shotgun? Big question. He replied, and designated shotgun to me! What? He dropped her off first. We sat there in silence for a second before I ask him what the fuck that was all about?

This fucking guy acts oblivious like he wasn’t ignoring me all night and like he didn’t just bring another girl to another party to flirt openly with her in front of my face. Denying what just happened. We literally JUST left the party where you PULLED SOME SHADY SHIT!

Why must you forsaken me love?

As I was writing this, I realized that “getting shaded” isn’t a real term so I’ll have to explain it. Getting shaded is when you big time got wronged by someone. I think I made this shit up because it’s not even in Urban Dictionary. Don’t worry, your girl submitted an entry. Oh, and no need for sympathy to these stories, they’re all long in the past and now I just find it to be amusing to tell.

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