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A plead to WeWork: Don’t kill with Fees

After the whole WeWork IPO fiasco this year, I am hearing rumours that (owned by WeWork) may start to charge members additional fees to use the service. This is unfortunate and I’m really sad to hear this because has a special place in my heart. is a website that brings groups and communities together and helps organize events. There’s a lot of good that comes out of these groups and communities.

I was (more of) a lost soul in my 20s, and Meetup really helped me find my way. I wanted to get out there, and do stuff but I felt like I didn’t have anyone in my life that was up for it. Meetup helped me get out there to do these things.

Here is a list of 5 memorable things that happened as a result of

5. I hosted a toga party at my place where everyone showed up with bedsheets on and we fed each other food.

4. We did brunch. Specifically, I hosted a fancy-ass brunch full with real silverware, china and two griddles to make pancakes, eggs and bacon. This brunch was topped by another brunch even that another member hosted that ended up being a full-day event. Somehow this brunch ended up in a bunch of us playing board games, playing on piano and casually watching porn in the evening. It was a little awkward, but memorable.

Oh and we also filmed a mannequin challenge video on that day, link to that is here (you’ll have to log into Facebook to see it).

3. Went to Montreal with a rocking fun group. Our AirBNB was way smaller than we expected it to be. We noticed that there was an adjacent house that seemed to be owned by the same AirBNB host that was vacant. Not sure how we got in, but we busted into this second house and squatted there.

2. Karaoke was the best with this group. Everyone drunkenly belted out all the songs even though there were only two mics, and it truly felt like an adult version of camp.

1. While on a trip to Montreal, I felt that the trip was a bit dry and could be a little racier. I somehow convinced two guys in the group to run into the middle of the road facing oncoming traffic and taking a piss. (The oncoming cars were quite far away from us when this started happening, and the boys did this in the rain so it might not have been so obvious what they were doing).

Okay, I can’t believe I even have an incriminating photo of this, please don’t kill me guys…

Thank you to for helping me on my journey in finding myself. Cheers to all the good memories! Let’s hope WeWork doesn’t kill Meetup with fees.

Tribute photo to how much fun we all had:

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